Kerala is truly a place of endless beauty and wonder. When picking a city or town in God’s Own Country where you can holiday, tourists are often spoilt for choices. However, if you wish to visit a city that offers you the best of both worlds in terms of sightseeing, you must visit Calicut. Visit us if you are looking for affordable Calicut tour packages that match your travel style.

Calicut or Kozhikode, as it is locally called, is situated along the Malabar Coast in Kerala. This beautiful coastal town is famous for its lush greenery, calm beaches, and peaceful views. Calicut has something to offer every traveler, from museums and forts to waterfalls and temples. Whether you love beaches or are interested in history and religion, every day is bound to be filled with exciting activities as you explore the lanes of this beautiful town.

It was once also a great seaport, becoming a point of convergence for traders from China, Africa, and the Middle East. With the hills on Wayanad on its east and the magnificent Arabian Sea on its west, Calicut also has a historical connection since Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese explorer, visited the city when the Spice Route was developed. This is why Calicut was given the title of the City of Spices back in the day.

Calicut Tour Package

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When is the Best Time to Visit Calicut?

The best time to visit Calicut is during the winter months of October to February. The weather remains pleasant during this period, going down to 15 degrees Celsius, which is why it’s the perfect time for sightseeing.

The summer season in Calicut lasts from March to May, when the temperature ranges from 37 to 39 degrees Celsius. The weather is quite hot and humid during this time, but it’s considered an ideal time for birdwatching. June to September is the monsoon season in Calicut. Although the temperature goes down due to the rains, you might want to avoid it to steer clear of the slippery roads and the general disruptions that could occur for your sightseeing dreams due to the monsoons.

Best Places to Visit in Calicut

Calicut is a potpourri of gorgeous sites for tourists. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to visit in Calicut:


Located 11 km from Kozhikode, right at the mouth of River Chaliyar, is the quaint coastal town of Beypore. Filled with vibrant shades of blue and green, this town was called Sultan Pattanam during the reign of Tipu Sultan. Beypore Beach, reputed for its shipbuilding yard, is 1500 years old and was a crucial fishing port back in the day. With sandy beaches and tall coconut trees surrounding the town of Beypore, it is one of those Calicut tourist destinations offering peace and solitude.

Tourists can participate in adventure sports at Beypore, get an ayurvedic massage, or just go swimming in the shallow waters. And don’t miss the Pulimoodu Bridge which runs for 2 km. Despite being a small and lowkey town, it is well-known for its shipbuilding and unique shipping vessel that goes by Uru.

Kakkayam Dam

Kakkayam is a dam site 15 km from the Kakkayam bus stop. One can spot various animals near the dam, including elephants. There is also a waterfall named Urakkuzhi located nearby. Some other popular tourist spots in the vicinity include Kariyathan rock (Kariyathan Mala), Kakkayam Valley, and the Hanging Bridge. Kakkayam is surrounded by waterfalls, forests, hills, and streams, and tourists often engage in activities such as boating and trekking.

A giant 87-year-old tree named Tholaranji greets travelers at the beginning of their trek. Get ready to spot birds, bison, and elephants while at Kakkayam Dam.

Kozhippara Falls

Located on the borders of Kakkadampoyil at the district division of Calicut and Malappuram are the gorgeous Kozhippara Falls. The sound of the waterfalls is sure to transcend you into a different realm while forests, breathtaking landscapes, and lush green views surround you. You can often spot birdwatchers and trekkers at Kozhippara Falls. It is believed that the nearby Kuttampuzha River has healing properties and can aid in curing skin problems.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Sprawling over a collection of islands and surrounded by alluring hills is the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, which is a paradise for bird watchers. Greeting tourists with the freshwaters of the Kadalundi River, this sanctuary is home to over 100 native birds and 60 migratory birds. Situated 200 meters above sea level, this spot is constantly frequented by bird and nature lovers. The various bird species you can find here include hornbills, egrets, herons, seagulls, whimbrels, cormorants, terns, and sandpipers.

The river flowing inside the sanctuary joins the Arabian Sea at a junction known as Kadalundi Nagaram. Along with birds, the sanctuary also houses mussels, crabs, fishes, turtles, and butterflies.

Tali Shiva Temple

The Tali Shiva Temple, known initially as the Thalikkunu Shiva Temple, is a popular tourist destination frequented by Lord Shiva devotees. Built in a style of architecture specific to Kerala, this temple is protected by the Kerala State Department of Archaeology and has a 2-feet high Shivalinga. Containing stone structure and wooden carvings from the Puranas, the Tali Shiva Temple sees numerous visitors during the event of Maha Shivratri.

Thikkoti Lighthouse

Known to have been built on the remains of a shipwreck, the Thikkoti Lighthouse is situated on a rocky shoreline and is famous for its spectacular views and as a spot where one can view nomadic birds. Standing 108 feet tall, the structure constructed in the 19th century allows tourists to climb up its stairs by receiving prior permission.

What to Do in Calicut?

If you visit Calicut, there will never be a dull moment as the city has numerous activities you can opt for. Some of them are as follows:

Take Your Kids to Lion's Park

Don’t miss Lion’s Park if you’re traveling with kids or are a wildlife lover. Also called Beach Garden, this amusement park is close to the beach, offering a view of the sea and sunset while the children have an exciting time going on the many rides. It also has a swimming pool and a food corner where tourists can grab a quick bite.

Gorge on Delicious Sweets

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you daydream about all things sweet and sugary? If so, you absolutely cannot miss out on the sweets at SM Street, which is popularly known as Mittai Theruvu. Sweetmeat Street in Calicut has everything a sweet lover’s heart would desire. It is said that sweetmeat makers hailing from Gujarat were called by the Zamorin of Calicut, which is when the sweet shops in this area were established.

Browse Through Pazhassi Raja Museum and Art Gallery

The Pazhassi Raja Museum and Art Gallery is located on East Hill and named after Pazhassi Raja Kerala Varma of the Padinjare Kovilakom of the Kottayam Royal Family. Earlier known as the East Hill Bungalow, the building was later transformed into a museum. The museum showcases stone structures, antique coins, murals, armor, palanquins, and also paintings of Raja Ravi Varma. Being under the protection of the State Archaeology Department, the museum contains 10 galleries associated with various branches of collections and studies.

Take a Stroll at Kozhikode Beach

Even in the middle of a trip or holiday, we all have those moments when we wish to enjoy peace and quiet and halt the fast-paced minutes of sightseeing. If you experience this in Calicut, visiting Kozhikode Beach is the best way to rejuvenate and get some much-needed relaxation. Also known as Calicut Beach, this place is where you need to be to refresh your senses. Located on the Malabar Coast, the beach road is named after Mahatma Gandhi, who visited Calicut in 1934.

In addition to being a point of great beauty, it is also famous for hosting public meetings. Take a stroll along the beach to drink in the orange sunsets, and hop to the market nearby to indulge in souvenir shopping.

Are you looking for affordable Calicut tour packages? Reach out to us to receive all the details regarding the itineraries and travel packages.

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