Kyrgyzstan is a nation which is defined by its joyously unmarred mountain escapes, rolling summer pastures, stark craggy ridges and the abundant natural beauty – all of this is brought to life by he yurt dwelling and the semi nomadic shepherd cultures. In addition to this is a well developed network of guests houses, homestays as well as it’s Visa free travel. This very well justifies why Kyrgyzstan is today a gateway of choice for several travellers coming to Central Asia. Just as expected, in a country where there are a vast majority of attractions, some of which are located in rural regions while the majority of others lie in the high altitude regions, your timing of travel is very crucial.

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Just at the northern edge of the Ala Too mountain range lies Kyrgyzstan’s lively northern capital, Bishkek. With numerous green spaces, parks and gardens alongside Soviet-era buildings and monuments, the city retains its former Soviet Asian flavor. The city is home to many monuments and cultural institutions, including the National Historical Museum and Ala Too Square, where the changing of the guard takes place daily. The Dordoy Bazaar provides ample shopping, especially for Chinese exports.

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Kochkor is a village in Naryn region, the center of jailoo-tourism, gates to the summer pastures and nomadic life experience. Standing on the crossroad of the Great Silk Road from ancient times, today this area still keeps its significance.

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