Welcome to Russia! The land of diverse nature and extremities. Spanning more than one-eighth of the Earth’s inhabited area, Russia makes the largest country in the world. Comprising a wide range of terrains and divided into eleven time zones, the country extends across Eastern Europe and northern Asia. The country shares its borders with 14 nations including Norway, Finland, Poland, China and North Korea and maritime borders with Japan and the US state of Alaska. Rich in natural landscapes and enormous tracts of land, the country is home to the largest freshwater lake in the world.

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Being the largest city of the entire European continent goes a long way to speak volumes about the influence that Moscow has had on the world. The former capital of U.S.S.R, and the current capital of Russia, it has been holding on to the position for the last 860 years. Moscow is an iconic and global city in a true sense. Moscow or Moskva in its local tongue continues to play a central role in the development of the world. It is the perfect amalgamation of rich culture and dynamic cosmopolitanism. It is also the coldest metropolis and megacity on the northern terrains of planet Earth.

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Saint Petersburg

Saint or St. Petersburg was the imperial capital of Russia for 2 centuries before losing its crown to Moscow. The port city sits on the Baltic Sea and is often touted as the ‘Venice of the North’. St. Petersburg is an architecturally riveting city. It is home to breathtaking bridges, canals, neoclassical and baroque buildings that offer the look and feel of a different era. With venues like the State Russian Museum that cradles Russian art from the works of Kandinsky to Orthodox icon paintings or the Mariinsky Theatre famous for its ballet and opera; St. Petersburg remains the cultural hub of Russia enticing culture and art lovers from far and wide.

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As the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan is a glorious city that represents Russia’s Tsarist past. With complex palaces, towering churches, and a thriving cultural scene, Kazan is a pure Russian city with incredible beauty and heart.As the “Third Capital of Russia,” there is plenty to see and to do while staying in Kazan. Visitors can enjoy long walks down the streets of the city, as each of them offers a new arrangement of colors and historic buildings. Kazan is also one of the largest economic, political, scientific and cultural centers of the country.

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