Serbia is a country that has some extreme weather and the best time to visit Serbia would be from mid -April to the end of June. The capital city of Belgrade is well connected to all the major cities in the world. Serbia, as a country is friendly, welcoming and lots of fun. Belgrade is a well- known party capital in Europe and rivals Berlin. Serbia is a cultural pot of wonders. This is also where ancient traditions and modern ideas co-exist.

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Belgrade’s long and storied history is suggested by its architecture, which varies from Byzantine and Ottoman to neoclassic and romantic buildings in the older neighborhoods, and from Art Nouveau to brutalism and neo-Byzantine design in New Belgrade. The city’s many theaters, museums, monuments and opera houses boast a deep and fissured cultural life while the beaches and rivers attract sunbathers, sports enthusiasts and partygoers on the popular floating river barges that serve as nightclubs.

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