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The state of Telangana came into being on June 2, 2014, when it broke away from its parent state Andhra Pradesh to become the 29th state of India. It was named Telangana to represent the Telugu speaking region, as distinguished from the Marathawada region of Andhra Pradesh.The state is historically best known for the Nizams of Hyderabad who ruled in the 14th century making it a princely state. The state lies mainly in the Deccan plateau region and is drained by two major rivers Godavari and Krishna, besides some more minor rivers.The state has a deep historical connect, a rich culture and a treasure trove of tourist attractions as monuments, forts, temples, waterfalls, sacred groves, national parks and sanctuaries. Some of the popular folk arts and dances of the state are Nirmal Art, Kalamkari and Deccani paintings; Burra Katha, Oggukatha, Perini Shivathandavam, Gobbi dance among others.

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The Pearl City, Hyderabad with its unmatched blend of history and modernity, hypnotizes everyone, whoever sets his/her foot in this beautiful city of Nizams. With a history as old as 400 years and the status of metropolitan city, Hyderabad promises a unique refreshing experience to all.

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