The pandemic has changed travel forever. For instance, the lines between business and leisure travel are increasingly blurred thanks to companies opening up to the hybrid work model. Workations are now more popular than ever – and that too, not just for short durations but vacations that could last for weeks, months, or even an entire year! People are also looking for vacations where they can experience a greater human connection. As a consequence, they are ready to try newer and cheaper destinations.

However, planning a vacation is far from simple – you need a travel partner who has adapted to the ever-changing travel dynamics and is qualified to guide you through the various travel-related rules and regulations expertly. Read on to learn what makes a travel agency unique:

1. Check the Thrissur Travel Agency’s Experience

Actual travel experience differs greatly from what’s provided in a brochure or travel website. For instance, plenty of travel-related websites provide conflicting information about the best and worst times to visit a place. But only experienced Thrissur tour operators who have arranged plenty of tours to the area know the ground reality about the place. Their experience also enables them to cement relationships with trade partners and suppliers. An experienced travel agency in Thrissur offers a well-curated list of hotels, travel partners, and other suppliers who can meet your unique needs. This partnership also enables the travel agency to pass on freebies, if any, including complimentary breakfasts, upgrades, late checkouts, etc.

2. They Understand Your Travel Needs

Whether you are traveling with your family or have embarked on a solo trip, you need trusted Thrissur tour operators who can understand your travel style. This includes discussing your unique needs, budget, and preferences. For instance, GT Tourism now offers tour packages to exotic destinations in Chhattisgarh and Meghalaya in India and countries like Kazakhstan, Tanzania, etc., to cater to adventure travelers. Visit us!

Irrespective of your chosen travel style, look for Thrissur tour operators with plenty of experience booking trips to your chosen destination because they are likely to have contacts and connections in that country.

3. They Offer Personalized Customer Support

You may encounter an emergency during the trip. These emergencies could range from something as simple as knowing the shortest route to the airport to something as urgent as tracking lost luggage. In such cases, you need a travel agency in Thrissur that offers personalized customer support. Will the agency provide a dedicated travel expert who can answer via multiple channels 24×7? The personal travel expert should also understand your specific needs, helping you with the best alternative solutions, especially for bookings, re-bookings, and cancellations. Read reviews about the travel agency in Thrissur to know about their customer service.

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4. They Promise a Smooth Booking Experience

You don’t want to waste time and energy going back and forth on emails and calls to finalize travel details. The process should be as simple as choosing from one of the multiple options provided by the tour operator and then customizing it according to your unique needs. Check if the travel agency in Thrissur deploys a personalized travel agent for all booking-related correspondence. This agent should be your single point of contact and answer all your questions related to the vacation rather than shoot emails. With a personalized travel agent, you should be able to make cancellations and re-bookings easy.

5. They Are IATA Certified and Part of Reputable Trade Associations

Check if the travel is IATA accredited and they are part of regional tourism boards and professional travel associations like TAAI, TAFI, IATO, and ADTOI This assures you that they follow set procedures regarding booking, cancellations, etc. These affiliations are like a vote of confidence when things go wrong. This is especially helpful if you have a special travel style – some trade partners specialize in food-related tours, while others offer luxury travel. Some others specialize in adventure travel.

6. They Offer Ancillary Services

A travel agency is not only responsible for arranging tours but also enhances your travel experience with ancillary services like visa renewal, travel insurance, ticket booking, etc. Check if the agency helps with passport issuance, easy visa processing, explaining insurance details, etc. Not all Thrissur tour operators offer such ancillary services, but they certainly make travelling less stressful.

7. Fees and Other Essentials

Does your travel agency charge a planning fee? Some travel aggregators provide their services with hidden charges, only when you read the terms and conditions you will understand. They promote that their services are free when compared to travel agents. But remember, you get what you pay for – there is no freedom in any business. If you approach them for a refund, cancellation, or rescheduling, you will have to call their call centre and be on hold, till the agent catches up the entire process will take 3-4 months, and most of the time it’s difficult to chase after them since they don’t have any physical office presence. As a travel agency, we have a physical office with set office timings where our agents can support you. We suggest you trust a boutique travel agency in Thrissur that’s upfront about its payments and doesn’t surprise you with hidden fees.

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